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What students think of me:

About the lessons: interactive, engaging and effective. English lessons in a conversational manner made me extend my vocabulary and speak publicly with more confidence. I highly recommend.
About the teacher: dedicated, rigorous, professional, but at the same time warm and friendly.

Hello to everyone, I’m Matteo and I’d like to share a little bit about my experience as Victory’s student. At the beginning, I was sure that Victory could help me to learn a language but now, I understand that Victory helped me not just with my English but also to improve myself and the way I face the life. She really loves her job and studies a lot beside her lessons. Her lessons were prepared in advance all the time. The passion she works with is inspiring and motivating, for me it was a great pleasure to work with her. I would recommend Victory as a teacher to everyone that is still struggling to learn English.

I am at the beginning of my Romanian course with Victoria and I enjoy each lesson! The way she presents new material is really easy and interesting for me. She keeps me interested in my studying and so far I did an unexpected progress.

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