Hello to all my dear readers!

This article has a double purpose, first one is greeting you all on my blog and the second one is to tell you about my reasons, why did I start it. 

So, thank you all for your interest and patience, I am aware that I am not a great writer 🙂

I am a certified English Teacher and from time to time I take students that are interested in learning my mother languages but this blog is not going to be about teaching. I intend it for learning, of course, some of you will say that teaching and learning are so tightly connected, how can we trace a clear line between them, we cannot. But I will write from the learne’s point of view.  How come? I will explain it.

I started to learn Italian 6 months ago, I had many reasons to do this, but the main one and the most relevant in this case was my wish of understanding my students. How do they feel when they try to learn a new language? Which are their problems? How often do they feel bored or tired? Which methods are the most effective in learning a language? I had hundreds of questions and starting this journey in learning Italian helped me to answer to some of them. I will dedicate articles to each question in part and I hope that some people will find them useful in their learning journeys. I think this would make me feel useful to the whole community I live in. Yes. These are my reasons. I hope that I will find support and understanding from all of you. Thank You, to all, for everything.

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