Welcome to my blog!

Hello my dears and welcome to my blog!

A place where I would like to share with the world at least a little from my thoughts and experience. Through this posts, I hope to connect with like-minded people that will benefit from my knowledge and will share theirs with me.

In the past years, I’ve been working as an online teacher, this changed me and all my life perspective. My world became bigger, some borders disappeared and I started to appreciate all I have at another level.

Having lessons daily all around the world means to access different cultural environments in which I teach and I learn at the same time.  For me, all cultures are some kind of doors and languages are keys that can open those doors to incredible new worlds.

We all have our own time limit, we need to give love to our families, to socialise with our friends, to work to sustain ourselves and our beloved ones, to dedicate some time to our hobbies etc., so many things to do and so little time for it. This is one of my top preoccupation: How to make the learning process as efficient as possible so people in short time would obtain high results. 

Because I can write only when I feel inspired, on my blog, you will find articles related to things that I truly find interesting:

  • Students and learning methods
  • Teachers and teaching
  • People and Culture

I encourage all readers to share their ideas in comments and to participate actively in all discussions so this blog will become a dialogue in which all those involved will grow and develop.

This was Victoria, thank you and see you soon 🙂

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