The Golden Motivation

For me, learning a language could be compared with the conquering of a city. I decided to learn Italian and this was like deciding to conquer Rome. A huge, amazing, wonderful, and hard to conquer Latin kingdom. Taking control of such immensity needs time and preparation. I had a goal already but I also needed to set the most important base for my further advance -MY MOTIVATION.

We all have a personal motivation when we start a route this keeps us going even when things are moving hard and we get tired. Learning a language, first of all, takes time and many of us are tempted to quit on their way. I realise that I’m just a human and I work just as everyone else and I decided to prepare myself for this with more than just one motive. I thought that a list of all good reasons will be my greatest support in the toughest moments.

First, I wanted to know how my students feel when they learn a new language, this was a good reason but this only helped me to start my trip and I needed more to keep going. Secondly, I wanted to find out some more good methods that really could help someone to learn a new language. I was searching for a cause, something that would keep me focused and motivated all the time. It took me several days to make that list but each minute I spent on making it, fully proved its value.

I will share it in this article, all my 10 golden reasons and their effect on me. I think this list could work for anyone and any language, just add to it your very own personal reasons and you are ready for a successful learning campaign at the end of which you can proudly call yourself the king of your own new conquered language kingdom.

Learning a new language:

1.  Enhances our brain power – and this is not a myth, I felt it on my own and many of my students are saying the same thing. Our brain is a muscle while we learn we train it and obviously we become smarter.

2. Increases our Memory – another wonderful side effect, learning a new language is ameliorating our memory. I am still making notes about the things I need to do or what I need to buy or meetings I have but I observed I do not need them anymore, I simply remember everything without an extra effort.

3. Develops our decision-making ability – I must confess I was very bad at this, I was spending hours or even days thinking about something, should I do it or not, should I buy this product or not, lately I feel a huge improvement in this area and I’m not stopping here.

4. Develops our multi-task working ability – I love this one, this is a must skill in our days, so many things to do all the time and so little time for it. While we learn a new language our brain is developing its ability to organise and schematize and later applies this skill in all spheres of our life. And it truly works.

5. Grow our self-confidence – I think this is a logical effect, our confidence is growing while we learn new things and we accumulate so many things while we learn a new language.

6. Expands our career potential – I never thought about it from this perspective before I start learning Italian but now I have a huge advantage while teaching Italians. I think this is applicable in any field, speaking a new language could help you in making connections, meeting new people, moving in another country etc.

7. Develops our communication skill – to learn a language presume a lot of communication and practice always makes it better.

8. Enlarge us as life perspectives – I felt it right away, exchanging ideas all the time with people that were grown in another way helped me to see the whole world from a totally new perspective and this helped me to grow as well.

9. Changes our mindset – I must say that Italians are very positive, they always are smiling and they are making jokes and even the language has a certain musicality, all this, on the whole, made me more positive and of course, I smile more 🙂

10. Opens the door to a whole new culture – Seeing the language as a key is one of the best comparison ever, with this key now I am able to read Italian authors or travel in there without a guide, learn from locals in a lost village how to cook an authentic pizza, the possibilities are enormous, probably I even don’t realise at this moment how this will truly change my life in the future but is certain, I opened the door to a new culture which enriched me and continues to do it.

I am not at the end of my way with Italian but I must say that I enjoy so much the route that I even forget about the final goal. Learning a new language is also fun, a reason that was not on my initial list, it is something I discovered in time and it values even more than the rest.

What about you, could you think of a reason that is not listed here? Then please share it with everybody in a comment on this blog and help others in their learning trip.

Thank you!


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