Your Help for Learning Romanian is Here

In September I made a shocking statement, I told to all my friends that I am going to disappear for 2 or 3 months. I kept it as a secret but from July I was already working on a manual and I felt I needed time to finish the biggest project I’ve ever started.

In the past year, I had a lot of students for Romanian all of them were “suffering” of a lack of learning materials, to help them I started to make new plans, to create schemes and clear explanations to support their learning. After 6 months I observed that all my plans work almost by themselves, my students were getting better and better with their Romanian and all this based on materials created by me. The next thought was that I can upgrade all this to a manual that people can use without me, and I start working.

By September I felt overwhelmed, I had a vision but to make it reality I needed to digest all I had in my head as a caterpillar so I would give to the world a butterfly. So, after 3 months of absence, in which I worked hard, I am back. I came with a whole new learning method of which I am very proud as I know it works and all my students are a living proof of that.

My Romanian Intensive Course for foreigners – my “butterfly” is ready to fly.

I chose December 1, Romanians National Day, to make it public as this is a very important date for all Romanians and I wanted to celebrate it in a special way. This book, in a way, is the key to understanding Romanian Culture at a deeper level as you cannot truly get into the meanings that people transmit without knowing their language. I hope that this manual will fulfil people’s expectations and will cover the need in this field as this was the main reason that pushed me to do it.

I am grateful to all people that supported me on this path, encouraged me and believed in me. Thank you all, and my traditional, see you soon 🙂


2 comments on “Your Help for Learning Romanian is Here”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Please please please let me know more I have been working as a volunteer in Romania for twenty years I come for a week or two and every year I promise my friends over there I will learn your language but I never do .

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    1. Hi, Margaret.
      Thank you for your message and interest. The manual is divided into 2 modules, one explains the basic Romanian grammar that forms the skeleton of the language and the second that contains common conversational topics to help the student to develop a natural expression and to practice his conversational skills. As a bonus, the book contains links to video explanations of first lessons that will assure you an easier start.
      If you are interested to purchase the book (only in hard copy through mail post) or lessons based on it, I am here for you.


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