What is better, to Study in an Individual or in a Group Class?

Hello my dears, it is Friday and it is time for my usual article.
Today I decided to answer to one of the most popular questions I hear from my students: “What is better, to study individually or in group classes?”

Well, the truth is that both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s make a small analysis:

  • When you are studying in a group you have the opportunity to hear all kind of accents and to get used to them, this is indeed a very good exercise. At the same time while you are taking individual classes you are learning a correct pronunciation from your teacher and you skip that confusion moment in which you hear tens of pronunciations and you are not sure which one is the right one.
  • One of the best motivation for people are challenges this is why some of you might feel very motivated while they study in a group and quite soft when they are learning all by themselves, the truth is that competition lights fire in many of us and you can easily find with who to compete when you are in a group.
  • While you are learning in a group you should be prepared to share teacher’s attention with all your colleagues, it is obvious that if to split 60min to 10 people you will get less guidance than if you would have those 60 mins all by yourself, but don’t forget that you can always learn while your colleagues are corrected.
  • Individual classes offer a safe zone for those of you that feel uncomfortable talking in front of unknown people, but at the same time in group classes, you could develop your ability to speak in public.
  • In an individual class, you benefit from a personal approach, the teacher is focused on your needs and is helping you to overcome your issues, you work as much as you need and you can achieve your targets faster as you learn at your own speed, you cannot do all this in a group class as you have to wait for the others or to push yourself too much only to fit the general plan.
  • We need to mention the financial aspect, group classes are often more accessible than individual classes.

I hope you will find this article useful and next time when you will start a language course you will know what to take into consideration. Good luck and remember, the difference will always be made by your personality, needs, goals and possibilities.

Best regards,

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