Improve Your English While Reading

Any article written in English could be transformed into a great learning tool. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps while you are reading it.


Before you proceed to the reading of the article, use your intuition and try to anticipate the content of the text based on the title.

learn english by readingThis will help your brain to bring up all the words it is possessing regarding this topic and the further reading will be more relevant and useful as you will easily understand what is all about.


Finding the right difficulty level of the content of your reading is quite hard, step 2 will help you with this. Read the whole text once looking for the main idea. If you understood all the words in the text then this is good but this text will not help to grow your level. If you found so many unknown words that you lost the meaning it means that the text is too difficult, leave it for later. If you were able to find new words and you were able to follow the main idea it means that the text is suitable for you and you can carry on.


Go back and start reading again, you should stop at each word you don’t know or you are unsure regarding the meaning it has. I would recommend you to use these two sites: and On them, you can immediately find the right meaning of the word, its explanation and the right pronunciation. You could consider that you know a word when you understand its meaning, you can recognize its sound and are able to pronounce it.

Go back to your sentence and replace the unknown word with a synonym — is the meaning clear now? If yes carry on with your reading. If not then it is possible that you don’t understand a whole expression, try to look for its translation, if you still don’t understand it means that the text is too hard (leave it for later).


Repeat step 3 each time you find an unknown word or expression.


When you finish your reading, take a moment and draw a conclusion. Was this info useful? In which context could you use it in the future? – This will make your brain start using what you have accumulated. Anticipating the possibility of its use will help you to stock it for later in your memory and of course, you will easily remember it if is meaningful to you.

Integrate these five simple steps into your routine while reading and soon you will observe huge improvements. You will be able to structure your thoughts better and your vocabulary will considerably grow.

Happy Reading to Everybody!

You can see the original post on Independent Teachers Community Blog


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