Where is Success and How to Get It?

As a teacher, I think it is extremely important to observe those behaviours that lead students to their success. In this case, their success means achieving their goal of being fluent in a foreign language. It is important not only to observe and to encourage good habits but also to track and to ban those things that exert a bad influence on their growth.

In this article, I will share with you a little bit of my experience. Here are 5 good habits you should develop to achieve success in learning a language.


Students that manifest a natural curiosity for everything learn faster than others. This characteristic determines them to explore and to learn even outside the classroom, they learn not because they have to but because they want to. As humans, we are curious but learning to focus our curiosity for obtaining useful skills is something that requires training. This is a habit worth developing not only to learn a new language but for a lifetime.


I saw different types of students, some of them are more enthusiastic at the beginning, some of them have no enthusiasm and they want to learn just because they have to do it. Some of them want to learn because they want to travel, some because they need it for their work, some of them because they fall in love. In the beginning, I thought their motive is the most important and in time I’ve realized that not their goal is what keeps them moving but how capable are they to be committed to their goal. Develop your ability to be loyal to your goals this is no doubt an important characteristic of a successful learning story.


Another very important factor is their wish of communicating with others. The ability of talking is as important as any other skill we acquire in life and due to our DNA, education, personality etc. some of us are more talkative than others. Students that are eager to transmit their thoughts and ideas are learning faster than the others. If you are not too talkative as nature you could try to schedule special hours in which you will put yourself in the situation of talking. And remember language is for communication you cannot reach fluency by being quiet.


Students that like challenges and competition tend to succeed more often at completing tasks in the classroom and in the end, this helps them to grow their language level faster. Taking any lesson as a race might help you to see the learning process much more interesting and engaging.


Students that are not afraid of making mistakes learn faster than the others. This is extremely important as the only way of learning a new language is by making mistakes. You will find words that at first, you will pronounce wrong, you could pronounce them wrong even after your 10th attempt, but accepting your mistakes as learning opportunities and not as embarrassing moments of which you are afraid will definitely help you to advance easier.

Analyze yourself and try to see which is characteristic for you, or what trait you could develop in time, then use it in a conscientious way to achieve your most fantastic learning goals ever.



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