6 Aspects of a Successful Language Learning

Dear learner, how many times you’ve said that starting next Monday, next month or next year you will begin to learn and to practice more to improve your English (or any other language you learn)?
It is true that only you can know how hard it is to learn a new language for you particularly, but the problem is not only in how difficult this is, it is also in your approach of learning a language.
In this article, I decided to share with you 6 aspects of a Successful Language Learning from a Psychological Perspective as understanding your brain mechanism could help you in this attempt.

Number 1.  You have to answer to yourself “WHY?”.
It seems that our brain needs a very clear answer at this question before he would truly decide to take action. Psychologist noticed that our brain is banning any unexplained action, so, before you proceed with your next attempt of learning a language, you must find a clear reasonable motivation for doing it.

Number 2. Promise yourself you will do it and keep your promise. It is proven that people tend to keep their promises better if they share and engage with someone into the same task. Simply find a teacher or a tutor that will support and will help you to keep going toward your goal.

Number 3. Pay attention to your feelings, neuroscientist observed that people perform the best when they are in a balance between boredom and overexcitement. Your emotions could make you quit or continue until you succeed. Learning should be interesting and fun.

Number 4. Our brain is the best simulating machine ever – use it. Don’t wait for the opportunities to speak in the language you are learning, self-talk is a normal manifestation and why not to use it for language practice?

Number 5. Practice. Practice. Practice. Many studies have shown that the secret of successful learners is not their intelligence, not their natural abilities, and not even the conditions in which they study or with whom they study. The only trait that actually drives people to success is their perseverance. So be gritty! Don’t stop until you will reach your goal.

Number 6. Always push yourself further. The only way of growing is through continuous challenges. You should always keep extending your activities in the language you are learning as time and difficulty otherwise you will not evolve. At this step, I always remember a phrase I heard and works for me perfectly “Don’t practice until you do it, practice until you cannot do it wrong.”

Learning a language is a long process that requires commitment and determinations by the other hand the reward of communicating freely with people from all other the world worths all the effort.

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