Do you remember your first teacher?

Do you remember your first teacher?

This is one of the questions I like to address to my students when I test their English level, answering it, they need to talk about a third person, they need to to use adjectives and they need to place the action in past, this gives me the opportunity to observe several parameters at the same time.  Last week a student asked back, what about you, do you remember your first teacher?  I smiled, in front of me appeared my mother’s face. A simple question opened the wideness of my mind’s perception. How could I miss this by now?! My mom was my first teacher. She taught me how to smile, to articulate my first word, to sing the first song, the make the first step, she taught me so many things and above all, she taught me to don’t stop at her world but to look for how to widen mine.


She taught me to question everything as some things are not what they seem and she created an environment in which I could learn, explore and discover life in a safe way.

The first step, and one more step; step again and I am a mother too, the cycle started over.  I started to understand you at a whole new level, Mom, life is too short to show you enough gratitude for all you have done for me, I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the first teachers in the world.

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