The Spiritual Birth


Next Monday, it happens to be the anniversary of 10 years since I’ve graduated university. My colleagues and I decided to organise a reunion and to meet our teachers at the Faculty. We thought that it would be nice to make a gift for the university as a symbol of gratitude.  All good until we had to decide what should this be. The faculty is not a person, actually, the faculty is just a building without our teachers, so the gift had to be for the people that represent the faculty. All our teachers are so different, they all manifest various interests and visions. What could fit for all of them at the same time?

The solution was in finding what is common between them. Thinking a little bit, I realise that their role in our personality definition process is what unites them. Our teachers had one of the biggest impacts on our formation before we became those of today. Indeed I thought, our personality is shown by the way we behave, feel, and think and our teachers changed us in all of these aspects.

In fact, personality is the result of knowledge acquirement and this is a continuous process, a process that never ends for each of us. In some periods of our life this process is more intense and in some periods of our life this process might seem almost static, what seems clear is that as personalities we are born from knowledge. This means that we reborn each time we acquire enough experience that changes our behavioural pattern, our way of thinking or the way we feel about people and things from our lives, as spirits, we born continuously.

Our teachers gave us their knowledge and experience in a limited period of time, this is why in our memory they are so connected to the idea of the personal formation process.
I thought that if I could transpose this idea into something material this would be the perfect gift for our teachers.
And I tried to do my best. String art is one of my hobbies, I thought that at least I could try to do something.
And this is the result, I called this work: ”The spiritual birth from the knowledge”


I really hope that it was a successful attempt of an idea materialization if not, it is sure that it was made with a lot of good energy, from all my heart for all my dear teachers.

What started as a conundrum led me to another amazing discovery regarding human mind construction, a field which is so mysterious and difficult but fascinating at the same time. I felt like I had a revelation and I had to share it with you, my dear reader and I hope you like it.



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