Where is the finish?

We live in a world in which not being native is no longer an acceptable excuse for not speaking English. At the moment in the world, are 1500 million people that speak English and only 375 million are native speakers.

English gained its status of Lingua Franca in the second half of the 20th century. In our days, people communicate, trade, establish new connections, study and build almost everything using English. English is everywhere from science and business to entertainment and common daily usage. The truth is that the position of English as spoken language evolved a lot in the past decades; if 20 years ago the fact that you were speaking English could assure you a good job position, in our days it is a must-have ability among all the other skills you possess. In any company, speaking English will not make you stand from the crowd but the way you speak it might do it.

There are several extremely valuable benefits of Speaking English Fluently.

Maybe you never thought of this but speaking English correctly saves time. Any language is a tool, including English, possessing it rightly helps you to do the needed faster and better. Imagine you need to give some instructions or to explain at which stage is the project you are working for, or to request some directions, with a limited vocabulary you will need more time to explain the same meaning, it will be more stressful and less effective.

Speaking English at a high level will lower the chance of a misunderstanding in the communication process and this is economically efficient. Misunderstandings cost time and money, there were situations in which a single comma cost companies billions, now, let’s be honest why should we take this risk?

Speaking English fluently works for a better image, don’t limit yourself to the vocabulary that is needed for your daily tasks at work, it will come a moment in which you will need to attend a conference, an important meeting or a formal dinner, being able to treat freely various topics will help you to shine and who knows maybe it will help you to obtain a lifetime deal.

Speaking freely English is emotionally rewarding. Our personal life is not less important, imagine you meet the partner of your dreams and you are not able to communicate your feelings appropriately just because you don’t speak English good enough? How frustrating would this be? Any further explanations are useless.

Please take a moment and recall a situation in which you needed to speak English and you couldn’t.  The moment in which you want to speak and you don’t have enough words is extremely frustrating, I am sure we all have had this kind of experiences, to go back in time and change them is impossible, but it is possible to gather all these emotions and to start to improve our English level so we would never experience this frustration ever again.

Learning a language is a very long process, often students feel tempted to quit going on this apparently endless route. Don’t! Take a break but never quit! No matter what method you choose to improve your language level, the most important thing is to always keep practising, this is the only constant in Language Learning, this is the only reliable path that in time will inevitably take us to priceless rewards.

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