My name is Victoria and I am an Internationally Certified English Teacher also I have a degree in history and a master degree in anthropology. I became a teacher in 2008 and since, with small pauses, I have been doing this with great passion. I teach General English, including grammar and conversational English, as a special request, I could teach Conversational Romanian and Russian as I am a bilingual native speaker.
Although being a teacher is very challenging because of the fact that each student is different and requires a certain approach, I have developed specific skills which are helping me to discover it all the time. First I understand the learner and only after this I choose the right method to help the student to achieve his learning goal. During my entire teaching activity I mostly have worked with students from Russia, Romania and Moldova but also I had students from other parts of the world like Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan and more. I am thankful to all of them because all this gained experience is helping me daily to offer better teaching services all other the world.


  • I am a Globally Certified English Teacher by the TEFL Professional Development Institute
  • I hold a Master Degree in The Humanities, awarded by the Moldova State University
  • I am Licentiate in History, Degree awarded by the Moldova State University


Since 2008 when I became a teacher I have been developing my teaching skills in different groups. First I was teaching history for children in school, then English for adults in group classes and after I started to teach only online face-to-face classes. At the moment I have more than 3 years of experience in teaching English to adults with different levels of language knowledge and I keep growing because teaching is learning.

Teaching Approach:

Our life is based on communication and it is wonderful when we are able to feel free in expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas to others.

I invite you to learn with me, my classes presume a life situation simulation in which in time you will learn to feel confident and use the language as an effective communication instrument as it is meant to be.

  • You will have access to an individual teaching approach – each lesson is designed based on student’s language level and interest with specially selected materials (grammar, topics, articles, news etc.).
  • You can learn when you want – you can choose to learn in the morning, noon or evening whenever you have a free hour,  no need to fit in someone’s else schedule.
  • You can learn from where you want – your couch, your garden or the nearest park wherever you feel comfortable and you have an internet connection.

By the whole, you just need a motivation and I will take care of the rest.