1. How do I book a Free trial lesson?

Choose any suitable method from the contacts and write a message directly to the teacher.  You will shortly be contacted back and you will establish a FREE Trial Lesson in a both convenient time.

2. How fast will I get an answer?

Usually, the teacher will respond you in less than 3 hours, however, if it is weekend or night time you should wait for a reasonable time in order to receive an answer to your question.

3. How do I choose a package?

All students are unique, everybody has different needs, lives and schedules, before choosing a package, please think about the days and hours in which you would be available then choose the package that is the best for you.

4. How do I buy a lessons package?

All students should ask for a Free Trial Lesson first. Secondly, during this lesson, you will have the opportunity to discuss with the teacher and if you come to an agreement you will receive an invoice on your e-mail according to the chosen package.

5. Is this teacher a fit for me?

I will do my best to understand and I will try to use all my experience to help you to achieve your learning goal. However, not all of you will feel that this teacher is the right one for them this is why you all have access to a FREE Trial Lesson before you would make any purchase.

6. Am I protected?

Yes, you are. First, you will benefit of a Free Trial Lesson in which you will have time to understand if you want to continue your studies next to me. Secondly, all payments will be made trough Pay Pal, the safest way of making online businesses for both parts.