What I do

Every day:

  • My experience is brought in front of the people from all other the world with whom I am working with.
  • My mission is to unlock people’s potential and to enable them to achieve success with the best learning and research solutions.
  • My vision is a happy student who achieves his best not only in a classroom but outside of it too, this is why I support my students through continually improved content, experiences and care.


  • I am an Internationally Certified English Teacher by the TEFL Professional Development Institute
  • I hold a Master Degree in The Humanities, awarded by the Moldova State University
  • I am Licentiate in History, Degree awarded by the Moldova State University

Experience & Teaching Method

There are 10 years since I became a teacher, 3 years of online teaching and more than 3500 of one-on-one lessons.
At my lessons, I come with a unique selection of materials adapted to each student in part and I offer interesting and clear explanations accompanied by useful examples. I manifest a respectful and caring attitude, patience and positiveness.