Nicolas Bermejo, Madrid, November 2017

I have been studying English for more than 15 years. In an academy, with personal teachers, in online courses, etc. I need English for my work as I travel a lot but my English Speaking Skills are not good enough yet. I needed to improve it but I didn´t have time so I decided to try English classes by Skype and I met Victoria.
She is a fantastic person who helps me to stay motivated. Victoria is very professional and she loves her job. She always prepares all her classes and each class is different from all the others. Each lesson is very well structured and has at the base a very interesting topic, this really helps me to improve my conversational skills.
Before, I could never imagine participating in a meeting or to spend time discussing easily in English with English speakers. But thanks to all my lessons with Victoria, in my last two business trips I felt confident making my presentation in English and interacting with my colleagues from abroad.
Everyone who wants to improve their English level must not miss the chance to work with Victoria.
Thank you, Victoria!!!